The Case for Rail


There is a global renaissance for rail, both for passenger traffic and logistics. Currently China alone is adding 15,000 kilometres of very fast track in the next ten years. There are global plans for an integrated rail network from Europe to Asia and China and down into the Indonesian archipelago. People like Warren Buffet have invested $40 billion dollars in buying the Burlington railway line with a total rail connection of 51,500 kilometres of line.

The twin imperatives of reducing carbon footprints and peak oil with escalating energy prices are seeing a massive swing globally back to a more cost effective rail logistics and passenger over distances of up to 800 kilometres. Fonterra Dairy in NZ is in the process of shifting its milk logistics onto rail and local road transport.

If South Gippsland is to maintain its competitive advantage, the redevelopment of the South Gippsland railway line is a strategic investment in the cost effective infrastructure for the 21st century.