The Case for Rail

Economics of Restoration of the Railway Line

The State Government previously agreed to restore the rail line for an estimated cost $75 Million in 2001 and currently is an estimated $100 million. This was not proceeded with and there was significant development in bus systems. There are some issues with the redevelopment of the rail line, including the potential need for a new alignment between Koo Wee Rup and Bena and some realignment between Korumburra and Leongatha to provide for suitable gradients for freight and passenger traffic. There are no inherent difficulties in doing this as there are appropriate engineering solutions.

The 2001 study which argued against the case for restoration of the rail line was based on information at the time which was 18 months out of date. The study specifically excluded the economics of freight which would have been a compelling case for restoration of the line. It is arguable that the economics have reversed substantially given the other lines, and the growth in freight that has occurred in the past 10 years within South Gippsland.

All day road demand 2006 metropolitan Melbourne