The Case for Rail

Point of View

A number of arguments have been canvassed in support of the restoration of the rail line. These include:

  1. Support for extension of rail loop between Casey and Pakenham to ensure that all 300,000 new residents are within 10 minutes of public transport.
  2. Provide a link to Port Anthony at Barry Beach and Port of Hastings to provide access for export of goods from the Valley and import of prefabricated plant and equipment.
  3. Provide a low carbon competitive transport for dairy industry, forestry, farming and mining particularly in light of peak oil and the proposed new carbon tax.
  4. Address the challenges of peak oil and rapidly escalating oil prices by providing a more efficient and cost effective form of public transport and freight.
  5. Reduce pressure on growth of Melbourne fringes by facilitating commuting by public transport to Melbourne, as is occurring on the Ballarat, Bendigo and East Gippsland lines.
  6. Revitalize and stimulate the growth of small towns such as Koo Wee Rup, Lang Lang, Nyora, Loch, Korumburra, Leongatha, Meeniyan, Fish Creek, Foster and Toora to reduce pressure on growth of Melbourne.
  7. Ensuring ongoing viability of tourism in an era of increasing petrol prices by proving a rail line to a tourist hub for Wilson Promontory in Foster.
  8. Make owning and living in SW Gippsland affordable for young people working in South West Melbourne.
  9. Address the growing problems of buses being caught up in congestion and gridlock on Monash Freeway particularly in the late afternoon and mornings.