About Us

What we are doing

SWTG is working to improve public and freight transport access for South and West Gippsland. We work collaboratively with key stakeholders and governments. This web site provides opportunities for feedback and involvement from local residents and businesses.

Why new services are needed

Transport improvements are vital for this region. Industrial development and population growth in Cardinia and Casey Shires, as well as growth in South Gippsland, is leading to unacceptable congestion on major roads, blowout of peak travel times for commuters and business, and difficulties for younger people to access educational facilities. Rising energy prices and carbon taxes will place even more pressure on families and businesses.

Short term improvements to road services are essential. There are compelling economic and social reasons for completing the development of rail infrastructure for South and West Gippsland in the medium to longer term.

Key proposed projects

  1. A rail loop between Cranbourne and Pakenham.
  2. The connection of this loop to the Port of Hastings line.
  3. Reopening of the South Gippsland line to Leongatha.
  4. The eventual connection of the South Gippsland line through Yarram to Rosedale making a greater loop between the Latrobe Valley, Port of Hastings and the new bulk port of Port Anthony at Barry Beach.
  5. Improved commuter links to the Pakenham train line through a massively improved local feeder bus system.

Activities of SWTG

  1. We prepared a submission to the current State Transport Strategy Review; our draft action plan calls for feasibility studies for the proposed new projects.
  2. We are developing a ‘campaign’ strategy to raise the profile of transport issues generally and the development of the rail system in particular.
  3. We will be working with communities, businesses and other stakeholders to marshal the arguments and support for our proposals.
  4. We will mobilise support in a collaborative manner with the State Government.